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FromClothingOf is founded in 2015 with the aim of breaking away from conventional ideas about women’s fashion and aesthetics. The name “FromClothingOf” comes from “Exlibris”, meaning “from library of”, i.e. my book. This refers to women claiming the right to how they dress. While minimalist and monotone at first glance, the pieces are meticulously tailored and structured, characterised by layering and fine details that posess a powerful yet feminine style.

FromClothingOf成立於2015年,希望打破大眾對女性服裝和美感的固有 形象。品牌名字靈感取自“Exlibris”一字,意指“from library of”,代 表「這是我的書」之意。命名 FromClothingOf 是希望讓每位穿者都能 宣示擁有權,找到屬於自己的衣服。品牌美學傾向簡約和單色,但每件都 講究結構和剪裁,營造層次並強調細節的處理,從而打造出風格鮮明,簡 約不簡單,硬朗卻又女性化的形象。

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